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February 17, 2021

Computer Repair Specialist

Try Linux, It Works Great


No greedy Micro$oft or Apple licensing rules and regulations to deal with. Micro$oft and Apple are only interested in taking your money and nothing else. My recommendation: Try elementary OS or Linux Lite. Both are Free operating systems (as in free coffee or free beer). *Note: For elementary OS, make a donation if you like, or just enter $0 in the Custom box. I have tested both of these operating systems and I recommend either one. Elementary OS is highly customizable and I use it every day:


elementary OS

elementary OS 0.3.2


Computer Tip of the Day


What is your best protection against Ransomware?


Regular Backups


Be sure to backup All of your computer data on a regular basis. You will be glad you did. I recommend creating a full SSD or hard drive image using Macrium Reflect. This is a free program and I use it every day.

If your computer is hacked, you will be able to restore the computer back to the exact condition it was in, prior to the problem. Macrium Reflect is your best defense against ransomware and possibly losing all of your data. To be safe, data must be backed up to a source that is separate from your computer, such as an external hard drive. Cloud storage is not safe and I do not recommend it. With all of the data breaches happening these days, I would not trust my valuable data to be on someone else’s computer.


Windows 7 end of support: Separating the bull from the horns.


Life without Windows is a breath of fresh air.


5 Ridiculous Windows 10 Headlines That Will Have You Running To Linux.


Windows 10 still isn’t ready for prime time.


Windows 10 isn’t an operating system, it’s an advertising platform.


Customer Sues Micro$oft Over Unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade,
Wins $10,000.


Micro$oft software commentary.


My advice regarding the Fiasco known as Windows 10


I use Linux online and Windows strictly offline.
This concept works very well.


Do Not upgrade Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 !!
You will only have problems if you do.
Despite what Micro$oft claims, Windows 10 does not work well on older hardware. Windows 10 is a complete piece of junk on Any hardware.

Continue to use Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 as long as possible.
Hopefully in the meantime you can learn how to use an operating system that is Not Micro$oft Windows. I prefer Linux. There are other operating systems available. Will Micro$oft Windows improve in the future? Possibly, but I highly doubt it. Micro$oft is profit-driven and shows no concern for quality.

Windows 8.1 will receive updates until 2023.
*This is true as of today. But Micro$oft could put the kibosh on this at any given time

Windows 8 can still be updated using Server 2012 updates.

Disable Automatic Updates on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Only install updates labeled as Security Updates.

Even some of the “Security Updates” are questionable.

Learn how to use a Linux operating system for your online computer needs.

If you must use Windows 10 and you value your privacy, use Windows 10
strictly offline.

Disconnect Windows 10 from the internet to keep Micro$oft from spying on you.

Disconnection from the internet is the only way to keep Micro$oft from
snooping through everything in your computer via Windows 10.

What will Micro$oft do with your personal data that is collected from your computer? Who knows? This could come back to haunt you years from now and somehow bite you in the butt.


For more information, please click on the photos below:


We finally fixed everything?

Windows 10 is a lemon

Comodo Secure